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Attention PTA Leaders!

Special Invitation!

Are you looking for a great way to increase PTA Member Benefits, attract new members, and create or enhance current business partnerships in your community? If you answered YES, then we would like to invite your PTA to participate in the Community Alliance Partner (CAP) Program. The CAP Program is a win-win for all PTAs, PTA Members, and businesses in your community!

What Is The CAP Program?

The CAP Program is a statewide web based PTA member benefits platform designed to help create new business partnerships and add value to existing ones. This is achieved by providing participating businesses with an eco friendly way to offer online PTA Member Benefit and Report Card Reward Coupons that drive traffic to their business and increases membership and support for your PTA. The CAP Program saves businesses time, gas, and printing cost associated with printing and delivering coupons to PTAs in the community.

Participation In The CAP Program Is All About Membership!

When a business purchases 2 or more PTA Memberships from your PTA and renews those PTA Memberships every year it qualifies to participate in the CAP Program.

How Much Does It Cost The PTA To Participate In CAP?

There is NO cost to your PTA to sign up and participate in the CAP program.

How To Get Started

  1. Click on the join button above to sign up your PTA for our CAP Program
  2. Your PTA's CAP account will be set up and activated within 24 hours.
  3. Once your PTA receives its welcome email containing your CAP account information, you will be able to login and print out customized Business Invitation Letters and PTA Member Benefit Thank You Letters (both available in English and Spanish)

How To Invite Businesses To Participate In CAP:

  1. Let current and new business partners in your community know that Your PTA has a Business PTA Member Benefit Provider Program called Community Alliance Partner (a.k.a. CAP) that will drive traffic to their business and help your PTA and PTAs in the community increase support and membership to their PTA.
  2. Let them know that there is no charge to participate, as long as they purchase 2 or more PTA Memberships with your PTA and renew those memberships every year.
  3. Business purchases 2 or more PTA memberships from your PTA
  4. Provide business with your PTA’s Business Invitation Letter. The Business Invitation Letter explains the benefits of the CAP program and provides the business with your PTA’s unique signup partner address they will need to signup for the CAP program. Your PTA’s unique signup partner address lets our system know that the business is a member of your PTA and therefore, meets the qualifications needed to participate in the program.

PTA Member Benefit Thank You Letters are fliers that your PTA Membership Committee can hand out when conducting PTA membership drives. The PTA Member Thank You Letters provides a great way to thank new and returning PTA members for supporting your PTA and lets them how and where to access their PTA member benefits.

Note:  CAP is a great way to add value to already existing Business PTA Membership Programs!


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